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Who does Shawna work with?
And… who is her ideal client?


Shawna learned early on that her clients usually don’t like to be labeled in terms of their roles, titles, industries or perceived stereotypes. 

Rather, she simply tells their story,

“I work with creative professional people

who are awakening to the possibility of a

more soul-centered and successful life. 

But... they are not sure what needs to be

added or removed in order to move

forward with ease and grace.

They often see a fork in the road 

but they're uncertain which path to devote

their time, talent and treasure to- or if

they should stay where they are at. 

BUT… They know deep down, without a doubt… 

they want to embody clarity, confidence and vision, 

so they finally have a lane to run in!”

THAT is who she does her best work with.

Can you see yourself in THAT story? Many can.  

When Shawna works with her clients, she combines soul care with her scientifically crafted coaching method to help them to LIVE A LOVED LIFE. 

In other words, she helps them to: 

  1. Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what they want.

  2. Build a ROADMAP TO GET THERE that they OWN.

  3. And then IMPLEMENT the inspired actions to surpass their mission!

FOR SOME… involves breaking through limitations and gaining the skills to stay motivated, as they launch a new business or level-up in their career path. 


...that means learning tools to persuade, inspire and connect with others as a more effective leader.

& FOR OTHERS... means defining

their dream(s),

staying committed for

real results and

starting to live the lives they desire.

At the Office


"I came to Shawna overwhelmed with the daily stresses and lack of boundaries my job was putting on me. Her gift is the ability to hold space for your own innate wisdom to come through. With intuitive listening, she acts as a medium to get your own truth out. I quickly found out that I was able to change my relationship with my professional life; I was not at the mercy of it. 


I left the session with specific action items to directly address what was affecting me. I can see such positive change in my inspiration since I met with Shawna."


—  MARK / Long Beach, California

My mission is to empower people to embody their highest selves, shed what no longer serves them, and learn practical ways to holistically align with their purpose.

                         -Shawna Majerus


Regarding your investment-


Each coaching package is customized to fit your unique needs.


Investment in your personalized coaching package can range from $149 - $3000.

Please click here to see more detailed examples of plans and prices.


Working with Shawna is an uplifting, inspiring, empowering and equipping experience. You can read what some of her clients say in the testimonials above to get a feel for yourself.


If you are considering working one-on-one with Shawna, please click here to schedule a complimentary coaching call. You will get a chance to experience coaching and what it's like to work with Shawna. You will both use this time to determine if you are a good fit for each other.

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